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Topaz Access Control System

Integrate access control, video surveillance, alarm monitoring, and photo ID badging with the Topaz Access Control System. Topaz is packaged with everything you need to get your security system up and running quickly and reliably. The Topaz package includes a quick start menu for Auto Configuration and Batch Add cards, which you can activate instantly with a mouse click.
Topaz uses a simple browser-style interface with full color maps, interactive icons, and point-and-click video. Packaged in complete two- and four-door starter kits and expansion kits, Topaz provides everything you need for systems with up to 128 readers. Photo ID badging and report generation with preconfigured and custom reports are all part of your Topaz package.  
  • Integrated GE Security DVMRe support adds video recording to events reported to the Topaz system
  • Packaged in complete kits for startup or expansion
  • Browser-style interface with device tree
  • Interactive color graphics with dynamic icons
  • Photo ID and badging software included
  • Instant Access
  • Data Guard

      Download the Product Sheet Here


DVMRe-16CT Digital Video Recorder

The DVMRe Triplex combines a digital video multiplexer and a leading-edge technology digital video recorder in one unit. It records video from up to 16 cameras and single-channel audio to its internal hard drive.
  • View live and recorded images while continuing to record
  • Access recordings from a PC
  • Search for images by alarm, time, date, ATM or POS text, or motion
  • Email digital images or transfer to a CD
  • Easy to use with VCR-like controls
  • Eliminate VCR maintenance

       Download the Product Sheet Here




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