Telephone System Installation

  • Since the Communications System is the life-blood of almost all businesses, we at Certified Communications will make every effort to insure an orderly and efficient installation. We do so by interviewing you and your staff to find out how the System should be programmed, and determining which special features each person wants. 

  • We perform all these requests prior to the installation and review them with you for final approval. We then make the necessary arrangements with your local telephone service vendor to make sure all your lines are in place for the scheduled cutover.  


Telephone Project Management

  • Prior to system delivery, we send an installation technician to your site to do a survey of the premises to determine the scope of the work we will have to do during the installation. We verify any cable runs, location of the main unit, and any specific requests you have made. 

  • Our goal is to install your new system without you even knowing it happened !

Telephone Training

  • Once the Communications System is installed, we review and demonstrate all the features wanted during the fact-finding stage. The customer then signs off on the installation order and this triggers the training phase that begins the next day.
  • Group hands-on training sessions with the new equipment is the surest way to train users since you will then have a number of "experts" to rely on when anyone has a question in the future. We will train your entire office staff in groups of up to ten individuals.

System Technical Support

  • 24 hour support, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

  • Our remote diagnostics & repair capabilities reduce most problems to a short call into the system by an in-house technician.

Service Calls

  • Should your Communications System require a service call, we prioritize system failure calls for same day, immediate attention.

  • All of our technicians are on call while at home and are accessible in times of emergency.

  • For minor station problems we schedule for next day service.

  • All Technicians participate in continuing education in order to keep their manufacture's certification up to date.

Telephone Warranty

  • All systems come with a parts and labor warranty. Additional extended warranty plans are available to suit your budget and needs.


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